Corbin Sparrow Started a Good Thing: The Electric Three-Wheeled Motorcycle

If you are tired of paying the inflating cost of gas and only need to drive to and from work, then here’s what you need: the electric three-wheeled motorcycle. This small “car” is 100% electric, and 100% cute. The modern Corbin Sparrow is a Myers Motors electric car. They look exactly the same, but they don’t go up in flame. Under the hood and under the seat are 13 batteries, enough to power your car for 30 miles and it only takes 6 hours to recharge. For as small as it looks, it even has a six foot trunk.

More Green Apps For iPhone: For All You Tech-Savvy Individuals

Do you have an iPhone, but don’t feel like you’re doing anything but calling people from it? Now you can start wielding it to save the planet. All these iPhone Apps, can be used to find Green and use Green. I thought I’d forward on all these amazing new iPhone and Blackberry applications that I received through an IdealBite email. Isn’t it cool what is out there?

We Have Tomatoes!

In this video Jonathan explains great ways to improve your tomato plant growing. In an earlier video he actually shows you how to plant a tomato or pepper plant in an old milk jug, but in this one, he shows you the delicious product! This is a great idea if you have limited gardening space, and it really does work!
This video has great tips to improving the size and health of your tomato plants!

Having Fun With Old CDs

Using Your old CD’s. Do you have way too many CDs that you just don’t know what to do with? Don’t throw them away! I’ve compiled a list of cute and practical ways to turn that Brittany Spears CD into a work of art.

Solar “Green” Hot Water Heaters: It’s Time to Build-Your-Own Hot Water Heater

Solar hot water heaters are a great way to start becoming a solar powered household, or just to save some money. Green solar hot water heaters are a great option. Many are easy to build and cheap to obtain. In the broad category, there are two different kinds of solar hot water heaters: active and passive. Active hot water heaters have circulating pumps and controls, while passive ones do not. In the active category there are Direct circulation systems and Indirect circulation systems, which include Closed Loop systems. In the passive category there are Integral collector-storage passive systems and Thermosyphon systems which include simple Batch systems.I was going to give you a run-down on the different kinds, sizes, options, etc. But frankly, there is just too much out there. Hopefully, the links in this article will direct you in the right place.