GreenJoyment Survey

A huge THANK-YOU! Thank-you to everyone who has already taken the survey about what you want to see on GreenJoyment. Already, nearly 400 people have responded to the survey we sent out last week about the content you want to see on GreenJoyment and TheSolarPlan. The survey has generated some very interesting (and somewhat surprising) … [Read more…]

Off The Grid, But Still Want Connection?

If you’re living off the grid because you don’t want to be found, this probably isn’t for you. But if you want a backup, just in case kind of tool, check out SPOT’s Satellite GPS Messenger

Greencycling your shoes

A fun way to join the green movement. This way, instead of throwing away your shoes (and contributing to the 300 million pairs of shoes that Americans put into landfills every year), you can save your planet and your wallet.