Basics on LED Tape (Guest Post)

The following is a guest post written by an individual representing a company selling LED Products. LED tape is the best way forward for decorative lighting features. It’s size and ability make it versatile in so many different applications. It can be mounted almost anywhere offering benefits such as superior output and next to no … [Read more…]

Solar Air Heating from Beer cans

Happy Valentine’s Day! This may not be all that valentines ish, but today we want to talk to you about beer. To be more specific, beer cans. And to be even more specific, we want to talk to you about a company called Solair that is taking old beer cans and soda cans and turning … [Read more…]

Videos: DIY Solar Heater From Beer Cans

3 videos about a solar heater made from beer cans. This guy kind of sounds like he’s consumed some of the beer as well. But really, kudos to him for this DIY. And not only for building a solar heater from beer cans, but for documenting his project for the world to see and improve … [Read more…]

Solar heater panels: Solar Air Conditioning?

Solar Heater Panels: Why don’t we all have them? Seriously. Free energy falls on us from the sun every day. In our global culture, and in particular in American culture, we don’t make use of the solar energy coming to us every day. Think “solar panels”, and they still carry some sort of “geeky” (not … [Read more…]

Solar Air Heaters (Commercially Available)

Somehow this post got deleted.  We’ll be re-writing it, but here are a couple of the commercially available solar air heaters we had detailed in the post (that mysteriously disappeared). Links open in new window. Your Solar Home 1000G-Glazed Solar Air Heater Environmental Solar Systems SunMate Wall Mount Package