Earth Minded Storage and Packing Solutions: 5 Sustainable Business Storage Strategies

Space is often a limiting factor for most businesses. However, whether it’s storing computers, files, electronics, or other office equipment, it is important to understand that some of today’s most popular packaging materials are also the least environmentally friendly. By making the smart choice to use environmentally friendly storing materials, you will be doing your … [Read more…]

Apple Goes Eco with New iPad2

In watching the television the other night, my eye caught on an advertisement for the new iPad2. Said to be both 33% thinner and 15% lighter, this new design to the original iPad hopes to attract more buyers for the product. At a first glance, this product means absolutely nothing to me. I have hit … [Read more…]

Top 10 Solar Jobs

The following are solar jobs on the rise. Solar Operations Engineers earn among the highest in the industry, while Solar Installer-Roofers install solar panels. Solar Hot Water Installers are responsible for the design, installation, and upkeep of solar-powered water-heating systems.

Qualmark Leads New Zealand with Eco Labels

Gone are the days when travelling meant a good chance of exploring some untouched part of the world. As the population continues to grow and technology becomes more innovative in how we are able to experience the world around us, there is little left to be discovered. Gone are the days of travelling for months … [Read more…]

Nanogenerators: Huge First Step for Battery-less World

Nanogenerator technology: Nanogenerators are made up of tiny chips that generate power by using the body’s movement, or kinetic energy, to recharge electronics. Nanogenerators could charge electronics simply holding an electronic device near your heart.

Green This, Not That

A few alternative eco-friendly options for anyone who wants to be more green. Electronic Cigarettes – most people wouldn’t think of the word cigarette when they are considering green living options.