Going Digital or Dead?

Is the digital world really something that is saving our world of a wasteful stream of paper and other consumer products, or is it destroying it of the very essence of why we wake up each and every day?

Back to the Basics – Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

One of the most commonly exercised choices for helping the environment is re-usable shopping bags. They have become so trendy that gossip magazines have occasionally taken to developing photo-spreads of various famous people using their preferred brand of a designer eco-shopping bag. I’m all for fashion, but when it comes to buying a basic canvas bag for an inconceivable amount of money just to say “I heart the world” I tend to walk the other way.

3 Places to Buy Solar Cells Online

Someone recently emailed me to ask where they could buy thin film solar cells. Does anyone know of a good place or how even to connect thin film to end-user applications? I know lots of commercial installers are now using thin film solar, but haven’t seen an end-user “solar cell” from thin film yet. While … [Read more…]

9 Top Selling Solar Panels

According to Amazon.com, these are the top-selling solar panels right now. This is a quick rundown of what they do and why you might want one of these solar panels for your home, car, RV, or for some other application (such as attic cooling with a solar powered fan). 1. Sunforce 50033 15-Watt Solar Charging … [Read more…]

Reducing CO2 Emissions with Concrete

Since commencing production Ecocem has saved over 3 million tones of CO2 and will be saving over 1 million tones of CO2 on an annual basis going forward. ~ (Green Awards 2011 Sponsors, 2011)

India: Making Solar Cells

Jayaraman sent an email today about building solar panels in India. As a part of Green Joyment,I need your help in making solar cells and building panels in India,my country,with sun light for all most whole year. Kindly inform me the process of making Solar Cells and building the panel. Your lead in this will … [Read more…]