Daily Green Wrap-Up 25.November, 2011

2012 Baja 1000 To Introduce Electric Vehicle Racing Their goal is to demonstrate that if a battery-powered vehicle can handle 1000 miles of Baja desert, it is good enough to get you to work. And being that the race is in the desert, solar power is going to play a major role in recharging these … [Read more…]

Daily Green Wrap-Up 20.November, 2011

12 Easy Gourmet Recipes for a Vegetarian Thanksgiving The holidays can be a challenging time for both vegans and vegetarians. But they don’t have to be, especially with these simple and innovative recipes from our Green Wine Guide. They are so tasty, even the most staunch carnivore will want second helpings. Homemade Organic Apple Pie … [Read more…]

Daily Green Wrap-Up 17.November,2011

Five Fantastic Non-Toxic Pest Remedies A couple of months ago, I was at a stoplight mindlessly watching the pedestrians cross the street, when a mouse poked it’s head out from the crack where the windshield wipers hide and then proceeded to run across my windshield.Turns out, this little mouse had built a nest on top … [Read more…]

Daily Green Wrap-Up 12.November, 2011

What Happened to Mom’s Advice? Many Americans remember their mothers advice “finish the food on your plate” but few are listening. According to Jonathan Bloom, author of American Wasteland: How America Throws Away Nearly Half of Its Food (and What We Can Do About It), we are throwing away 40% of the food we buy. … [Read more…]

Daily Green Wrap-Up 10.November, 2011

Turning emissions from a steel mill into electricity General Electric engineers have devised a way to take emissions from iron and steel production and use it to power a gas turbine to generate electricity. The technology will now be put to work at a new 170-megawatt power plant at Handan Iron & Steel Group’s mill … [Read more…]

Daily Green Wrap-Up 6.November,2011

Exciting New Small Farms Bill Could Change the Face of Local Eats The bill aims to open a viable market for small, local farmers. The Local Farm, Food, and Jobs Act will work to support the production and distribution of high quality local foods for an industry crippled by a monopolizing factory farming system. Video: … [Read more…]

Daily Green Wrap-Up 5.November, 2011

O2′s Air-powered Bike is Oh-Too-Cool After a few months of regularly commuting on two wheels, I have come to a conclusion: two wheeled rides are awesome. That said, two-wheeled vehicles of all kinds are not without their drawbacks. Something to look out for, this design features a simple but very powerful engine. cutting up recycled … [Read more…]

Daily Green Wrap-Up 4.November, 2011

San Francisco to Turn Old Limo Terminal Into a Sea Lion-Friendly Waterfront Park Hyphae Design Laboratory is designing a new project that will transform the limousine storage lot at San Francisco’s Pier 27 into a year-round cruise terminal and local green hot spot. Dr. Dirt: Street artist scrubs images into the urban landscape Street artist … [Read more…]

Daily Green Wrap-Up 3.November, 2011

Corporations Want You to Live Greener. Will It Work? I’m not quite sure what to make of a UK campaign called Start Today. Created as a coalition of 12 of the UK’s leading consumer-facing brands—from EDF Energy through Marks & Spencer supermarkets to Virgin Money—the campaign focuses on the kinds of individual lifestyle changes that … [Read more…]