Go Green 2013!

3 Big Green Resolutions to Make This Year:   1. Cut Back on Meat:  Meat produced by large industrial operations often contains additives and hormones, and the animals raised on industrial farms don’t exactly enjoy a happy-go-lucky lifestyle during their short stint on mother earth. If you’re feeling adventurous this year and you really want … [Read more…]

The Green Wrap-up 28.December, 2012

HOW TO: Make Organic Fortune Cookies For New Year’s Eve It’s almost time to ring in 2013! Once you toast the New Year with delicious fruit-filled bubbly drinks, get things off to a great start by cracking open a homemade organic fortune cookie customized with words of wisdom for your children for the coming year! … [Read more…]

It’s Hip to Thrift With Rapper Macklemore

In light of a poor economy, Americans are changing the way they shop, and it’s helping the environment. The sociological article “For Fun and Profit” by Gretchen M. Herrmann and Stephen M. Soiffer explores the cultural phenomenon of garage sales in American life, citing garage sales as an alternative form of consumerism. According to Herrmann … [Read more…]

The Green Wrap-up 27.December, 2012

Nissan Leaf battery warranty upgraded in US, first to cover capacity loss Nissan has announced that it is going to offer a bit more security to Leaf owners than soothing words and lemon buybacks when it comes to degrading battery capacity. In a note published on My Nissan Leaf (and available below), Andy Palmer, Nissan’s … [Read more…]

Bring the Beauty of Your Lawn Indoors

Nearly everyone takes some time to create a beautiful lawn and garden. The landscape may be filled with plants and trees of all types. It can include everything from rose bushes to zinnias and daffodils to majestic trees that provide protection from the sun and wind. But have you ever considered making the interior of … [Read more…]

The Green Wrap-up 26.December, 2012

Tesla powers up East Coast with first stops in new Supercharger network The argument can now be made that Tesla Motors has come up with a sleeker alternative to the Amtrak lines that run along the Eastern Seaboard. The California-based electric vehicle company has installed the first East Coast fast-charging stations, allowing Model S owners … [Read more…]

The Christmas Day Green Wrap-up 25.December, 2012

California Sets a New Record for Winter Solar Power Generation California is taking the lead in reducing carbon emissions with one of the nation’s most ambitious renewable energy programs. By 2020, California intends to generate 33 percent of its power from renewable sources. If there was any doubt about its progress, the state recently set … [Read more…]

Driving on Oranges and How Eco-Friendly Tires Are Saving Gas

With the price of gas running sky high, frugal drivers are looking for ways they can save money on fuel. While traditional methods such as driving on the freeway as often as possible, keeping tire pressure at the correct level and carpooling can definitely help, many “green” drivers now have a new choice in addition … [Read more…]

The Green Wrap-up 23.December, 2012

How To Make Sparkly Holiday Accessories from Dead Christmas Lights Every string of Christmas lights tends to have a few dead bulbs in it when you pull it out of the closet. Instead of sending them on their merry way to the landfill, you can reuse those dead bulbs and use them to create some … [Read more…]