Infographic: Are Organics Better For You?

Is organic food better for you or not? You’ve probably come across arguments supporting both sides of the organics debate. Take a look at the following infographic and let us know in the comments below which side of the debate you identify with!    

Google Increases Green Energy Investments

Google has invested more than $1 billion dollars into renewable energy in recent years. It has agreed to buy electricity from a Swedish wind farm for the next ten years and recently invested in a South African solar-power project. This is the first renewable energy deal that Google has closed on the African continent. The search engine giant is investing $12 million dollars into the project.

A Crafty Card Box For A Graduation Party

So your child has finally completed high school! If you’re planning a party for her or him, you have a lot to consider – food, drinks, a cake, a gift, and decorations. One thing you may not have thought about yet is a box to hold the graduation cards that she or he is bound … [Read more…]

Monsanto Claims GE Wheat Isolated Occurrence

Monsanto has been accused of gross negligence in a lawsuit filed by a farmer in Kansas. Ernest Barnes, a wheat grower in Morton County, Kansas, filed the suit in U.S. District Court alleging that he and other wheat farmers have been harmed financially due to Monsanto’s negligence.

5 Tips for Eco-Friendly Summer Boating

Many people spend a lot of time and money finding ways to save energy and reduce their household’s carbon footprint but forget all that they have learned about conservation the moment they hit the lake or river. Boating and living the green life don’t have to exist on conflicting terms. There are many ways you … [Read more…]

30 Day Vegan Diet – Weeks 3 & 4

So my thirty days of veganism are up. Over the last two weeks I’ve been good about avoiding dairy and eggs. However, I’ve gotten a little bit lax on cutting out honey.   Honey I had a conversation with a vegan co-worker about this sticky-sweet substance. Apparently there is a debate over honey within the … [Read more…]