Is Free Energy Possible? A Machine To Die For

This 1 hour video, called “A Machine to Die For” showcases some of the most amazing and unique “free energy” technologies that have come about in the last few hundred years. I would love to see the hacker group Anonymous use their extensive reach and anonymous status to champion this cause and share the information … [Read more…]

You Don’t Have The Right To Know!

You do have the right to know. If you’re in California, vote yes on Proposition 37. If you’re not in California, please forward this post to someone who is. What happens in California during this election will determine the course of food in America for the next 4 years (at bare minimum). Support GMO labeling. … [Read more…]

Solar Technology for On-The-Go

4 technologies that celebrate greener times ahead… There is quite a bit of talk about solar power in the news lately. Of course, living on a planet that’s natural resources have been depleted by its inhabitants, it’s time to start thinking green if we expect the earth to survive. Solar power is produced by harnessing … [Read more…]

GMO Myths and Truths

There’s a battle heating up around GMO’s. GMOs, as you may know, are Genetically Modified Organisms. This includes seeds that are engineered to fight pesticides and weed killers. By the way, the pollen made by these GMO plants is likely contributing (if not a primary factor) to declining bee populations. Never mind… just buy the … [Read more…]

Green Minded Gifts for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is a great time for showing appreciation to the many nurturing women in our lives. While family gatherings and special dinners are wonderful ways to spend the occasion, green-minded gifts can add a special touch. It’s always nice to receive a present. However, because everything eco-friendly is intended to make a positive impact … [Read more…]

How Green is Your Laundry Room?

That’s right; your laundry room is yet another room in your home that would benefit from a green makeover. Think about it, a typical laundry room is usually home to two of the biggest energy-consuming appliances around—the washer and dryer. Moreover, if you are maintaining a family, the rate at which you do laundry dramatically … [Read more…]

How To Make Your Own Window Cleaner And Baby Wipes: Green

(Photo by elycefeliz) With sheer surfaces like mirrors and glass, they’re only as attractive as we keep them. The downside of transparent material like glass is its propensity for gathering handprints, grease, and dust. Fortunately, they’re easy to keep clean, and there’s no reason to go with potentially toxic cleaning products. These recipes require only … [Read more…]