A list of 500 Green Blogs

If you ever wanted to know just how many blogs there are on the Internet dealing with going green, environmental issues, wind and solar power, gardening, etc., this post won’t help you. There are tens of thousands of sites like this, with more coming up every day. But, here is the list of 500 green … [Read more…]

Daily Green News: 07.October, 2011

Eight Amazing Things About Solar Panels That Could Change the World With so much focus on solving global warming and reducing air pollution, smarter and cleaner forms of energy are being looked at very closely by scientists and consumers. There are several cool facts about solar power that can change the world. Miniwiz makes iPhone … [Read more…]

How Wind Turbines Work

Carrie and I have spent a lot of time in Germany, and though we are in Finland now, we’re still seeing lots of wind turbines. Which led me to wonder how wind turbines work. This video walks you through the pieces and parts of the large wind turbines. I found it very interesting. Though it’s … [Read more…]