Daily Green Wrap-Up 1.September, 2012

The back-to-school season has become extremely commercialized — that much is a fact. American parents spend an average of $246.10 on clothes and $129.20 for their kids each school year, helping to make fall the second-biggest consumer-spending season of the year, behind only the winter holidays. Head over to Ecouterre to see a full breakdown of where families are spending their back-to-school dollars, and take a poll on how you’ll be dressing your kids when you send them back to school.
Recently, climate change has been the Voldemort of the Obama administration: the “threat-that-must-not-be-named.”
Felting wool into dryer balls is a good alternative to using dryer sheets or adding fabric softener to your wash. Here are three dryer balls I felted and I have been using them now for over a month. I am happy to report that they worked wonderfully. I have no static cling and my clothes are soft after coming out of the dryer.
At this week’s Moscow Auto Show, Mazda CEO Takashi Yamanouchi reaffirmed his company’s commitment to Wankel’s rotary engine technology – confirming its use in the brand’s first extended-range hybrid offering.
I am kind of a health food junkie. Walking home from work, I pass a Whole Foods, which is kind of like my version of a candy store. Fresh organic produce and delicious real food found throughout, but some days I just don’t have time to prepare my breakfast or lunch.

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