Daily Green Wrap-Up 10.November, 2011

General Electric engineers have devised a way to take emissions from iron and steel production and use it to power a gas turbine to generate electricity. The technology will now be put to work at a new 170-megawatt power plant at Handan Iron & Steel Group’s mill in Handan City, China.
I’m a bit on the fence about this development. Sure, they’re generating electricity, but that will reduce the “necessity” of immediately switching to more sustainable business practices.
Water.org, the charitable clean water initiative started by Matt Damon and Gary White has recently received a big infusion from none other than the philanthropic arm of PepsiCo. The $8M donation, the largest in the Foundation’s 50-year history, will expand the organization’s WaterCredit micro-finance program – and fund clean water projects for more than 800,000 people by 2016.
This northern Ohio college town is barely a blip on a map, far away from national centers of power. And yet people here are working on a plan that could make it a model for fundamentally reshaping the American economy and its society.
Kimberly-Clark has signed an agreement aimed at expanding its recycling of used disposable diapers into Australia, Ireland, the U.K. and mainland Europe over the next 18 months.
Daily News New York reports that one Queens couple has a steady supply of fresh eggs right inside their one bedroom apartment.
Hygiene and sanitary issues might be the deal-breaker for this green development.
The daylong agenda brought clean energy and technology investors together to speak candidly about the challenges the sector faces, and how the current moment is a mix of boomtime and depression.

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