Daily Green Wrap-Up 16.June, 2012

On a recent weekend in Petaluma, CA, 30 community volunteers came together to transform their neighbor’s front yard into a lush, edible garden in just one day. The lawn transformation was organized by Petaluma-based sustainability nonprofit Daily Acts. Hit the jump to watch a time-lapse video showing the fruits of their labor.
We want to share with you this infographic about the myths that surround solar energy, thanks to our friends from http://www.pv-magazine.com
It is very important to stay informed about what is real concerning renewable energy so we can make the best of it and harness it the best possible way.
According to its latest sustainability report, Ford used 2,778 kilowatt-hours to make each vehicle in its global factories last year, down 22%t from 3,576 kwh in 2006. Part of that is from the use of more energy-efficient production methods and tools, and part comes from running plants more efficiently because they are running closer to capacity.
As we reported in March, coal currently accounts for less than 40% of US electricity production. But now new research from IHS CERA reveals that coal use in the US has dropped to the lowest level since 1949, as the nation switches to natural gas and cleaner, cheaper alternatives. This year, US utilities firms are forecast to burn 808 million tons of coal, a 13% decline from last year and the fewest tons since 1992.
Think “pay as you go” models only work for cell phones (or governments)? Think again: social enterprise Eight19 has applied this model to solar panels for residents of the developing world. No system to buy; just payment for the energy that a family actually uses.
When process and product align, it becomes possible to see how a simple idea involves hidden complexities and to communicate the layers of impact a small change could make in real life.
Created by Andrew Kim, this EcoCoke concept was not sponsored by any company – it was an independent look at how a shift in thinking and construction could make a product leaner, meaner and greener.

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