Daily Green Wrap-Up 20.June, 2012

This year, the tussle between a gardener and the local government is much closer to home (for me, that is): Karl Tricamo of Ferguson, Missouri, is challenging the city’s claim that his front-yard organic garden violates city codes.
A team of researchers has developed the first ever “near real-time” monitoring system for tracking deforestation across all of South America. The new system, called Terra-i, is being launched to coincide with the Rio+20 UN environment conference.
Mike Lieberman, who runs our own EcoSalon series Urban Gardener, is launching an online gardening course, Fall Gardening 101. It’s all for getting rid of your black thumb and ensuring that gardening isn’t so overwhelming, so that you can be producing your own food, hassle free.
If you’re looking for a healthier — not to mention cheaper — alternative, your best bet is to make your own delicious and nutritious popsicles at home! Jump ahead for my easy DIY popsicle tutorial featuring one of my favorite recipes: Summer Strawberry Popsicles.
A new study by the U.S. Public Interest Research Group indicates Americans are driving less than they were a few years ago. That drop is largely thanks to young people. Those between the ages of 16 and 34 drove 23 percent fewer miles in 2009 than they did in 2001. While it’s tempting to attribute the decline to the recession, the study suggests the decline may continue even after the economy picks up pace.
Every year EWG takes to task the worst offenders with its Dirty Dozen list, while giving a shout-out to produce with the lowest pesticide levels with the list of the Clean Fifteen. It’s such a brilliant and helpful approach, giving shoppers the power to avoid the most contaminated food while still being able to purchase conventional produce when and if circumstances require it.

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