Daily Green Wrap-Up 21.January, 2012

Transition Towns have spread around the Globe as a community-lead response to peak oil and climate change. But many people still ask, what does a Transition Town actually do?…Transition Town Whitehead in Northern Ireland is going to be planting 60,000 trees in the coming weeks in an effort to reforest a region that is known as the least wooded spot in Europe.
Unlike most automotive electricity storage systems, NCC’s system does not use lithium ion or lead acid batteries. Instead, it relies on a double layer electric capacitor to store its energy…NCC’s system isn’t meant to power the whole vehicle; rather, the thermos-sized capacitor supplements the gasoline engine by using regenerative braking to charge the capacitor each time the car slows down. The capacitor then powers the electrical systems in the car.
Are you and your family finding it more important than ever to save money in 2012? Luckily, smart money saving tactics almost always allow for helping the environment. From making your own cleaning supplies to finding new free ways for your family to have fun together, helping the planet and saving cash could be easier than ever this year.
The oceanic landfill is located in the North Pacific Ocean, not far from the coast of Hawaii. Grant notess that the patch is “not a solid mass”. If this were the case, it would be much easier and less expensive to clean up. However, the patch is composed mainly of tiny fragments of plastic that levitate beneath the surface of the water.
If you’ve ever harbored a secret desire to spend time in a stone hut, upgrade that fantasy to 2.0 with a private swimming hole fed by a waterfall, dining pods suspended in trees and organic, local food. This is a true eco-troglodyte haven with no WiFi or TV.
Singer Jason Mraz has long been aware of the benefits of veggies in his diet. How could he not? The man lives on an avocado farm. Now, for the last four months, the singer has been strictly putting plant based foods into his body, and the result has been nothing short of amazing.
This one’s for the ladies

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