Daily Green Wrap-Up 25.July, 2012

I recently wrote about how standardizing and simplifying rooftop solar installation could make it much cheaper and more affordable to the average person or corporation. Well, the same is true for large-scale solar farms. Solar panel manufacturers already use advanced machinery to help them be more productive, so why wouldn’t solar installers do the same? Welcome to the era of the robots.
London is this summer’s hottest destination – maybe not for the heat, but indeed for the buzz! Whether you’re heading to the UK for Olympic festivities or are passing through any time of the year, it’ll do your body and social consciousness a favor to get going with the following seven suggestions.
A growing segment of the US population, 64 percent of Americans 65 and over have a “favorable impression” of solar energy, according to a Pike Research report. In other research, Pike found that 58 percent of Americans ages 55-69 are interested in installing a solar PV system.
The end of the Cold War left many abandoned military buildings and shelters strewn across Europe – and there are even some in Switzerland. A park ranger found this old military cable car station deep within the forests of Fläsch. After the building was rediscovered, local architects Atelier-f gave the bunker-like block a new life by transforming it into a fantastic cultural center called Angebauter Tarnrucksack.
A small Texas town located on the site of an abandoned airport made headlines in the New York Times today. Mueller is a master-planned community located just outside of Austin, Texas. It is also very likely the only town in the U.S. that runs on an clean energy smart grid.

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