Daily Green Wrap-Up 25.March, 2012

The ‘Miche’ belt is made from the upcycled tire of a 1940′s German touring bike. The vegan rubber tire was recovered from the trash heap of a Berlin, Germany bike shop. The belt’s unique color is original and untreated (kind of looks like snakeskin).
If you love scouring thrift stores as much as we do, you’ll find Sloth and the ideas driving it genius. Inspired by their studies, two students at New York University are launching a secondhand store in Washington Square that they are going to make into a community experience.
About 25 percent of all the CO2 we send skyward out of our tailpipes and smokestacks ends up in the world’s oceans, where it triggers chemical reactions in the water column that lead to increased acidification. Researchers estimate that the acidity of our seas has increased 29 percent since the dawn of the Industrial Revolution.
President Barack Obama said Thursday that the government is looking to speed up the development of materials such as carbon-fiber composites, high-strength steel and aluminum that can be used for vehicle bodies. For instance, use of high-strength steel for certain components may be 25 percent lighter than conventional steel, while carbon-fiber use may cut the weight of certain components in half. Overall, a 10-percent reduction in vehicle weight may boost fuel economy by as much as eight percent.
TheBlu is the product of years of teamwork from Oscar winning animators, software engineers, international artists and marine scientists. The end result was that when I watched theBlu, instead of looking at a computer screen, I felt like I was floating in space and swimming alongside my new sea creature friends, all of whom looked very lifelike, in an avatar sort of way.
As is the case with electronics, the quandary of what to do with used cardboard boxes beyond simply recycling them after one use is something that resonates with many. And in the larger universe of the cardboard box, many simply go to waste due to overruns, misprints from manufacturers, distributors, and retailers. Now UsedCardboardboxes.com has positioned itself to swoop right in and grab these boxes thereby creating a new market for the used cardboard box.

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