Daily Green Wrap-up 26.September, 2012

Take a trip to Sweden, and seas of Chokladbollar (chocolate balls) will likely surround you. They fill the glass cases of bakeries, ine the shelves of shops, speckle department store cafes as a welcome Fika break from shoe shopping and even sit in grocery store aisles. It’s next to sinful and downright outlandish to visit this regal land without gobbling up a chocolate ball (or two, or six). But, like most fare in Sweden, chocolate balls fall far from being vegan.
Shell and Gazprom are gaga over the potential financial bounty—but environmental and climate disaster—of Arctic oil drilling, that is abundantly clear. But Total, the fourth-largest publicly-traded oil company in the world, apparently thinks differently.
Agrisaurus makes gardening simple, successful, and fun with tools that can help you design, plan, and manage your plot. Agrisaurus believes that small-scale farming is the future and they want to encourage individuals to start acting locally. They’ve got a Kickstarter campaign going on to help develop their app — which yes, does feature more than a few adorable dinos. Backers will be invited to join their exclusive Winter Beta Test and earn some other great rewards.
The first Volkswagen concept from the 2012 Paris Motor Show is the new Golf BlueMotion, which has enough green blue street cred to be called “the most fuel-efficient Golf ever.” How efficient does this seventh-generation Golf need to be to reach this grandiose claim? It burns 3.2 liters of diesel fuel per 100 kilometers. That’s the equivalent of 73.5 U.S. miles per gallon (on the European cycle). VW says the car has 15-percent improved fuel economy compared to the previous model. We say it’s yummy.
Imagine a fighting force that can scavenge its own fuel as it marches along, and you’re either thinking about the Continental Army’s march to Yorktown or the U.S. Navy not too many years in the future. Scientists at the Naval Research Laboratory (NRL) in Washington are working on a process that can produce jet fuel from seawater. It sounds like something that would give the U.S. a powerful edge in action, so let’s call this Round 3 in the Navy’s efforts to free itself from dependency on fossil fuels.
Mark Monday down in history– because, as of Monday, Tesla Motors has unveiled a solar-powered supercharger that will allow drivers to travel from coast-to-coast for free. Yep, you read that right: for free. In the world of green tech and cars, this news is huge. The new superchargers can charge 150 miles to a car in only 30 minutes (for comparison, the supercharger delivers four and a half times more electricity to the battery than twin chargers do), and for owners of the Model S, use of the solarchargers will be completely free. Yes, this means that not only will owners of the Model S avoid polluting the planet with fuel emissions, but they will also be doing so at no cost. Sounds too good to be true.

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