Daily Green Wrap-Up 28.May, 2012

Broom is another chair made by Emeco and Philippe Starck, but this one isn’t made with aluminum. As explained by Starck: “Imagine … a guy who takes a humble broom and starts to clean the workshop, and with this dust he makes new magic.”
Do you love wine, but are also concerned about its carbon footprint? The carbon footprint of wine includes production, packaging, and transportation. Wine is grown using energy intensive petrochemical fertilizers and pesticides, processed through heavy machinery and packaged using glass, corks, glue and labels.
Source: Global Warming is Real
The Green Wheel by DesignLibero is a NASA-inspired rotary hydroponic garden. NASA has come up with many ideas over the years, but due to budget and time constraints a lot have been discarded. Among them was the concept of a rotary hydroponic system that would have provided astronauts with fresh herbs and salad on long space missions. But now the brilliant idea has been revived in a sleek design that is perfect for earth-bound applications.
To aid in your summer travel planning, we’ve compiled a collection of transportation-related infographics, covering everything from carbon footprints to plane safety to the health benefits of sunshine. Now get out there and have an adventure!
At the 99th Chelsea Flower Show all the gardeners were wracked with worry over their plantings because of the months of miserable weather. Heat and drought in March and early April led to weeks of rain: a bad combination for flowers and fruit trees.
How ironic then, or is it prophetic, that several of Chelsea’s smaller gardens had a water conservation theme and feature drought tolerant plants.
At a time when food production is becoming increasingly de-localized, the Urban Food Jungle aims to provide a space where food is produced right where it is consumed. AECOM designed this conceptual cityscape in the face of dwindling resources and diminishing food security – the ambitious idea includes plans for building a sustainable food production network that supports local restaurants, and a spectacular center where visitors can view the entire process from farm to table.

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