Daily Green Wrap-Up 29.January, 2012

Last week I conducted a poll aimed at identifying the most popular Social Media channel for your Sustainability / CSR topics. The result was unambiguous really.
Technology Review has an article about the developing world leap-frogging straight to solar power in the absence of reliable grids – In the Developing World, Solar Is Cheaper than Fossil Fuels.
Lawns in the U.S. cover more than 50,000 square miles of soil and consume more chemicals than all those used in U.S. food related agriculture combined. Maintaining lawns involves mowing, watering, and often fertilizer, pesticides, or herbicides, that contribute to the watershed pollution.
I’m a big fan of using design to work greenery into home furnishings, and these two coffee tables are great examples. Designed by Mike Carpenter’s MDC Interiors, the Balance and Maka models each have a center section that’s filled with green moss and river rocks. Best of all, both tables are handmade, mostly from reclaimed materials.
When it comes to the environment, consumer behavior can be inconsistent or even a bit hypocritical. Two-car families will buy a hybrid and a gas guzzling SUV. Parents will teach their kids to turn off the water while brushing, but take a few extra minutes in the shower to enjoy the peace and quiet. Somehow, we tend to overlook our own inconsistencies, while holding others accountable for their actions.

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