Daily Green Wrap-Up 4.July, 2012

According to a recent poll conducted by the Nature Conservancy, over 80 percent of Americans, regardless of political orientation, believe that respecting nature isn’t just a nicety — it’s at the core of what it means to be a good and dutiful citizen.

“From Tea Party Republicans to liberal Democrats, more than four-in-five American voters say that conserving our country’s natural resources—our land, air and water—is patriotic,” say pollsters.

In article after article, book after book, scientists and environmentalists have exposed the devastating effects of constant economic expansion on the global environment. The drive to produce ever more “stuff” is filling our rivers with poison and our air with climate-changing gases. The oceans are dying, species are dying out at unprecedented rates, water is running short, and soil is eroding much faster than it can be replaced.

But the growth machine pushes on.

A more eco-friendly way of living definitely starts at home. If you’re keen on turning a new leaf when it comes to the environmental management of your home then you need to start looking first at the things you do each day as part of a normal existence – things like eating and drinking. It is often the case that you can revise your approach to each of these things in simple ways to make your home a much greener place.
I’m not sure how the weather is where you live, but here in Vancouver we have 12 days of sunshine on the forecast. It could be all the summer we get so I’m planning some patio time accompanied by a jug of super delicious watermelon lemonade. Get in on the action – here’s the recipe.
HMK Prefab Homes, in conjunction with Sustain Design Studios, debuted a new miniHome design called the CaliMini Solo 1 at the recent Dwell on Design conference in Los Angeles. The pictures and exterior staging don’t appear to do justice to the ever-popular miniHome, but the below video of the Solo provides a better impression, I think.
The placement of solar panels on your property can be the difference between generating a little and a lot of energy. Solar panel installers can survey your home to find the right location, but maybe you just want to quickly get this answer without having to hire anyone.


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