Daily Green Wrap-up 5.September, 2012

So here’s your ultra-depressing news of the day: a new Oxfam report indicates that we’re considerably underestimating the impact climate change will have on the world’s poor. Rising temperatures and extreme weather will cause food shocks that will hit the most vulnerable populations even harder than previously projected, the study says.
By now you’ve probably seen the headlines proclaiming that organic foods are no more nutritious than conventional ones. And, if you spring for the organic option at the store, you’ve probably assumed there’s hard evidence of the health benefits – so what gives?
I’d expected to hear more about these extreme weather events in the news, and in my ideal world, they’d even include a little context about why they were happening. But nearly all the news and weather reports I watched said the same thing…
Providing written statements to the independent website ScienceDebate, both president Obama and his GOP challenger Mitt Romney acknowledged that human-caused global warming is happening.
Global Warming is Real (http://s.tt/1mzKx)
The H-House is situated on the East Bench above Salt Lake City, UT and it enjoys views out over the city and the mountains in the west. Salt Lake City-based Axis Architects designed the home to be a sophisticated and elegant space that works in harmony with the surrounding environment. Built slightly into the hillside and in-line with the topography, the three-story home takes advantage of orientation and passive solar design for cooling.
“Women’s work” – there’s a phrase that (thankfully) we don’t hear much any more. Feminisms get much of the credit for relegating such language (as well as the cultural assumptions that accompanied them) to the historical dustbin. Gloria Steinham and Hélène Cixous certainly deserve credit, but technology played a role here, too: devices for the home ranging from washing machines to microwave ovens cut the amount of labor needed to accomplish tasks around the home… and gave women (who’d traditionally been saddled with such tasks) time to think, read, and consider their place in the world.

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