India: Making Solar Cells

Jayaraman sent an email today about building solar panels in India.

As a part of Green Joyment,I need your help in making solar cells and building panels in India,my country,with sun light for all most whole year.
Kindly inform me the process of making Solar Cells and building the panel.
Your lead in this will be of great help as we donot manufacture cells and importing will be expensive.

I am responding to this here on GreenJoyment because I want to dispel the myth that India does not produce solar cells.

What I said to Jayaraman:

India has many companies producing all kinds of solar cells.

Check out this listing here:

You might also contact the ministry of new and renewable energy:

Hope that’s helpful for you in getting started. Though new technologies are in development, the process of manufacturing solar cells is expensive and takes lots of electricity. Manufacturing cells may not be a project you want to take on. However, once you have a good supplier for your solar cells, you can build panels quite easily following the instructions at:

How to Build Your Own Electric Solar Panel

Hope that’s helpful!

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