More Green Apps For iPhone: For All You Tech-Savvy Individuals

Here is another update for you tech-savvy individuals. I thought I’d forward on all these amazing new iPhone and Blackberry applications that I received through an IdealBite email. After hearing about the 3rdWhale iPhone application, it was interesting to hear about all the other one’\s out there. Isn’t it cool what is out there?

• Seafood Watch – basic and helpful: just search for the most sustainable seafood choices from restaurants or the store. Also gives you fish-specific info if you wanna know more (free).
• Shopper’s Guide to Pesticides – healthcentric list of which produce items carry the highest and lowest amount of pesticide residue, so you can figure out where to spend on organic; for iPhone (free).
• What’s Fresh– find out which fruits and veggies are in season (so they don’t have to be transported so far – saving energy) based on your state and the month; for iPhone ($2).
• GoodGuide– get greenness ratings for over 70,000 products – even offers nutritional info and ingredients lists (free).
• Greenpeace Recycled Tissue and Toilet Paper Guide– check the recycled content of your bathroom paper products at the store (free).
• Seventh Generation Label Reading Guide – find out what the ingredients on the back of the label mean. A tad bit dark green, but it’s simple to use and includes links to related terms (free).
• Carticipate– car pool match-up service; for iPhone (free).
• GreenMeter– a bit complicated, but once you figure it out, it’ll help you measure your car’s efficiency and carbon footprint; for iPhone ($6).
• TomTom– supernew: no need to buy a separate GPS with this (admittedly pricey) app – plus it saves the paper you’d print your directions on; for iPhone ($100).
• Of course, 3rdWhale– uses your phone’s GPS to find green shops and restaurants nearby; for iPhone, coming soon to other platforms (free).
• iRecycle– lists more than 100,000 recycling locations (including some nearby that you’d probably never think of) for over 200 types of materials; for iPhone (free).
• Kindle– download books and read ’em on your iPhone (app is free; most books go for about $10 a pop).

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