Petition to Stop BHT in Kellogg’s and General Mills Cereal has launched a petition through Shift in Action to get Kellogg’s and General Mills to stop using butylated hydroxytoluene (BHT) in cereals sold all over the world. BHT is a controversial product. Kellogg’s and General Mills have used the product as an additive to improve the shelf life of products like Rice Krispies, Mini Wheats, and Cinnamon Toast Crunch.

Both companies have cereal in countries all over the world, but the cereal delivered to other countries does not contain BHT. The cereals created by these companies in other countries has been replaced with safer alternatives to protect shelf life. asks fans to sign the petition to get Kellogg’s and General Mills to remove the controversial chemical from the cereals they sell in North America. BHT was a commonly used as a food additive. U.S. regulations allow for small percentages to be used as a food additive now although most companies have move to using butylated hyroxyanisole (BHA) instead of BHT.

According to the petition, the reasons for stopping BHT in the food world include possible links to cancer, interference with hormones, and the fact that the Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) classifies the chemical compound as a “caution” ingredient that is unnecessary. Another reason for the petition is because the data surrounding BHT is controversial and conflicting. BHT hasn’t been proven as a safe ingredient.

Kellogg’s has not responded to consumers since the launch of the campaign. General Mills was happy to announce that it was removing BHT from its cereals. There are no set dates on when the ingredient will be removed from America’s favorite breakfast foods.

If you wish to sign the petition to keep the pressure on Kellogg’s and General Mills visit Food Babe.


Linda St.Cyr is a writer, blogger, activist, and short story author. She writes about news, sustainability, green energy, food, celebrities and much more. Often she is busy being vocal about feeding the hungry, sheltering the homeless, and shedding a light on human rights violations all over the world.


  1. Dave Donaldson

    As I advance in years I understand how taking care of one’s self when younger is important. Please don’t put BHT in my children’s cereals; or they will no longer by my children’s cereals.

  2. Denise Hanson

    Please remove DHT from cereals sold in our nation. Poison in any amount is still poison. Will not be bought for my household until this is done.

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