Sunseed is a living community that offers its visitors the opportunity to learn how to live a greener life.

It is a company registered in the UK, but the Sunseed community is actually in Spain.

Sunseed’s electricity is generated by solar panels.

They also use the sun’s energy to heat water for showers. Additionally, they make use of solar cookers and solar food dryers whenever possible.

Water is pumped up from Sunseed’s local river by means of a water powered ram pump.

At the Sunseed community, they re-use or recycle most of the trash they generate.

Any and all organic waste goes back into the ground as compost or into composting toilets.

One nice thing you will find on a visit to Sunseed is that they have solar powered broadband Internet. This is very helpful for research, as well as and work related to volunteers’ projects.

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