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December 05, 2008

Butterfly Community Solar Cooker from TinyTechIndia

Tiny Tech India has come up with a new version of a parabolic solar reflector called the Butterfly Community Solar Cooker.

According to the web site, it's advantages are:

  • As there are two equal reflectors - one on each side-, weight is balanced and hence it does not require foundations in the ground. It is mounted on 4 castor wheels and can be revolved and shifted in any direction at any moment even while cooking. In Scheffler Reflector, it is essential to fix the cooker with ground by RCC foundations.
  • It is not necessary to find out north south direction. In Scheffler Reflector, it is essential to fix north-south line and fit the cooker on that line.
  • It does not require to install on polar axis. So no latitude of the location is necessary to know. In Scheffler Reflector, it is essential to fix entire structure to revolve around polar axis and hence latitude of the location must be known.
  • It does not require any seasonal adjustment. In Scheffler Reflector, it is essential to make seasonal adjustment every week.
  • It is dispatched in dismantled condition and it can be assembled at site very quickly without any expert guidance. So installation staff is not necessary. In Scheffler Reflector, it is essential to send expert person for installation.
  • 100% reflector area is utilized as aperture area as against 70 to 80 aperture area is used in Scheffler reflector. So 8 sq mt butterfly is equivalent to 10 sq mt Scheffler reflector.
  • Both wings (reflectors) can be folded vertically on hinges very quickly. Hence when not in use, it will occupy very less space.
  • It can be quickly adjusted against focus by any layman without any training.
  • The cost of Butterfly cooker of equal capacity is only 50% of Scheffler reflector.

Learn more about TinyTechIndia at http://www.tinytechindia.com