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August 02, 2009

Fantastic Solar Cooker

Another FANTASTIC solar box-type cooker on YouTube!

He built this from scraps from a construction site. Nice!

November 08, 2008

Solar Pizza Box Cooker Failure: Chocolate Chip Cookies

I sped this video up to make it go a bit quicker. But basically, this is my last attempt at using this pizza box cooker. I was attempting to make chocolate chip cookies using the pizza box solar cooker, but it just didn't work, and I ended up cooking them inside in the oven.

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November 06, 2008

Pizza Box Solar Cooking

Another great video about how to make a pizza box solar cooker

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October 06, 2008

BuildGreenTV shows How To Use A Solar Cooker

Kevin Contreras from BuildGreenTV shows how to cook a great chicken dish in one of his favorite innovations, a solar oven.

This video shows a box cooker with mylar panels that fold out very easily.

Info on where to find an oven is here on GreenJoyment.

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October 05, 2008

Crazy Canucks Cooking With Solar Ovens

"This is our first solar box oven ever. Here is an account of a day of cooking in winter (Feb 24/08) in Ontario Canada. Enjoy!"

This guy's a little boring to listen to, but he got his temperature up to 360 F/170 C, when it was 40 F/5 C outside, and cooked what appears to be a VERY yummy chicken!

That's pretty darn impressive.

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October 02, 2008

Engineers Without Borders: Solar Cooker Challenge

These are solar cooker ideas from the Engineers without borders solar cooker challenge.

Maybe you can get some ideas here for building your own solar cooker!

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October 01, 2008

A Meal from solar cookers

A Meal from solar cookers

Carrie and I decided that it would be fun to eat an entire meal cooked by the sun.

So, we took our three cookers. In one, we placed leftover chili. In another, we placed potatoes.

And in a third, we placed Joan's rice pudding (for dessert). Thanks Joan!

All three videos are posted below (we made them for YouTube as individual videos, but we ate this as a full meal).

Other than the mildly disappointing results from the sun not cooking the rice pudding (simply because we didn't get it outside early enough in the day, we were very pleased with how this meal turned out!

Baked Potatoes wrapped in foil and cooked in an eagle solar cooker

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September 30, 2008

How To Make A Pizza Box Solar Cooker

we show you how to make a solar cooker out of a pizza box. It's relatively simple really, (as long as you get that cheese and grease out of the inside of your pizza box).

This was a really fascinating and simple solar cooker to make, although I'm not sure just yet what we're going to cook in this box. It's kinda little.

Maybe we would use it to bake cookies.

(Actually, you could use this to make eggplant parmesean.)

Just remember that the outside of your box should be airtight, and the inside of your box should be black. Those are the steps that I didn't do in the video.

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