The Green Wrap-up 1.April, 2013

…As a part of this study, it also found some interesting data regarding two growing types of tires: run-flat and low-rolling resistance.
The City of Refuge has hired Bioponica, a local aquaponic designer-builder to install onsite a first-of-its-kind sustainable farming system.
  • GreenJoyment(Ally): This sounds like an amazing program all-around. It’s good to see something that combines community outreach and humanitarianism with eco-initiatives.

…In fact, increased awareness of the essential role pollinators play in ecosystem maintenance—along with news about rapid        declines in bee populations—have led to a proliferation of backyard “pollinator gardens” across the U.S. and beyond.

…Now, in a shocking turnaround, we have the first evidence that a melting is in fact underway. A new consensus between Republicans and Democrats has formed, and it’s formed around climate change.
If you are wondering about the reason behind the increasing interest that people have been showing towards vermicomposting, here are some interesting facts. This growing interest is partially due to the great eagerness for green living, growing one’s own food, and other such things. It is also because almost everyone can make use of worm composting.
An open-source environmental monitoring network is now being tested in France by CKAB, a French consulting firm and innovation lab focusing on the Internet of Things. According to Hack a Day, the project, Pollux’NZ City, is the brainchild of a pair of engineers at the firm who have been working on it as a side project for a couple of years.

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