The Green Wrap-up 13.December, 2012

On Christmas day four years ago, when Bud Shaefer unwrapped a bicycle gifted to him by his adult children, he was sure they’d wasted their money. But it wasn’t long before the 86-year-old retiree decided to give it a try — and in so doing, he discovered the hobby of a lifetime, and a pleasurable part-time job to boot.
Later this month, Tesla Motors will open its European Distribution Center in Tilburg, Holland, and will start stocking the stocking the site with Tesla Roadster and Model S parts as it prepares to start distribution in continental Europe next year.
As more electric and hybrid vehicles enter the market, there is a growing concern from consumers about the reliability of the batteries that power them. Ford has unveiled a new lab test, the Key Life Test, which allows the automaker to simulate the equivalent of 10 years and 150,000 miles of wear and tear on hybrid vehicle batteries in about 10 months.
Santa has the eco-tour travel market cornered — every December his reindeer make an invisible carbon hoofprint as he visits countries all over the world. Taking our cues from the big man in red, we’ve gathered the five best, most diverse eco-tours suitable for the whole family. Our gift to you!
It may still be December, but we’re already thinking about our resolution to make 2013 our greenest year yet….So whether you’re battling a 100 degree day or a below freezing chill, live in a small space or in a sprawling estate, start 2013 off on a sustainable foot by employing some of these green gadgets in your home!
The pleasures of giving and receiving handmade gifts are many. The headaches of handmaking handmade gifts are often even more…Which is why we’ve come up with a list of sane homemade gifts that will allow you to actually enjoy the days leading up to Christmas. From elegant funky fork bracelets to bath bombs and candied kumquats, all of these gifts take less than an hour to make, but still have plenty of bang for the buck.
Many energy experts believe there’s a big future for small nuclear reactors. By shrinking today’s behemoths, manufacturers could inexpensively produce them in assembly line style and transport them on trucks. Utilities could add capacity in smaller, affordable fragments. Remote areas could deploy them in place of CO2-intense diesel generators. Industry could use them as carbon-free industrial heat sources.
Solar lights save lives in Africa. They improve school performance. They reduce respiratory diseases. And they provide a scalable model for micro-enterprises and economic stimulus…But who’s the biggest seller of solar electric lights on the continent?
If there is one thing that can unite people across the political spectrum, beer is probably second only to puppies. That’s why a new report from the New York-based think tank, A Clean Future, caught our eye. The report is called Leading Sustainability Practices in the Brewing Industry, and on one level, it simply provides a thorough rundown of sustainable practices that have been mainstreamed into the brewing industry, from small craft breweries to global giants like AB-InBev (formerly Anheuser-Busch).
  • (Ally)GreenJoyment: Just when I thought I couldn’t love beer any more than I already do! This is awesome! I also believe in drinking your local brew to help support local business.

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