The Green Wrap-up 2.April, 2013

As Think Progress has just reported, a bizarre technicality allowed Exxon Mobil to avoid paying into the federal oil spill fund responsible for cleanup after the company’s Pegasus pipeline released 12,000 barrels of tar sands oil and water into the town of Mayflower, Arkansas.
Could all of the work some automakers are doing to increase diesel engine adoption in the US be going up in a cloud of smoke? Maybe so, as torquier and more fuel-efficient gasoline engines and cheapening hybrid technology are cutting into what had been perceived as the advantages of diesel drivetrains, the Detroit News says.
Tesla Motors has never been a company that did things like everybody else, from its electric cars to its stores to its charging stations. Today, they’re innovating on financing.
Now there’s a windmill design that looks more like a contemporary sculpture than an electricity-generating device. Delft University of Technology developed a windmill, called EWICON (Electrostatic Windenergy Convertor), that captures wind energy without visibly moving parts. So how exactly does a bladeless windmill generate electricity?
The air quality in Beijing has been hovering above the “very unhealthy” and “hazardous” levels since the beginning of this year and there has been mounting frustration with the government in China for not doing much about it. In response, the Chinese government has come up with a three-year, $16 billion plan to deal with the extreme pollution in Beijing, according the official newspaper China Daily.
  • GreenJoyment(Ally): I read an article just this morning stating that an estimated upwards of 1 million people in China have died from illnesses related to poor air quality. Young children, the elderly and asthmatics are especially susceptible to dire respiratory illnesses. It’s good to know that China has a plan to help fix the situation, but it’s depressing that innocent people have had to lose their lives as a result of its getting so bad in the first place.
The ExxonMobil pipeline spill accident comes roughly two weeks before State Department officials head to Nebraska to vet public comments on the Keystone XL pipeline. How will the ExxonMobil spill in Arkansas impact the Keystone XL pipeline debate?
Millions of solar PV installations are in place across Europe, but up until recently, there was no direct way to buy or sell interest in them, other than through purchasing shares in the companies.

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