The Green Wrap-up 24.March, 2013

The US Government Accountability Office (GAO) is questioning why Department of Energy (DOE) loan funds are not paying out as planned. The participation hurdle is high, and there’s about $16.6 billion in green vehicle loan appropriations going unused, the GAO found.
Cheese ranks near the top of the list of animal products that vegans have a hard time letting go of, but there are several yummy and nutritious vegan substitutes. One of our favorite types of non-dairy cheese is raw vegan cashew cheese, which is easy to make and healthy.
his week, Nike announced that it will be partnering with Bluesign, the Swiss standard bearer for sustainable textiles. According to the apparel giant, the partnership will “accelerate the supply of sustainable materials and chemistries” for use in Nike products.
It is widely assumed that over the coming decades, increased energy efficiency will help the world meet its energy needs and reduce carbon emissions. That may be true, but recent research suggests that energy intensity — a widely used way of measuring efficiency — isn’t the right metric.
How safe are electric vehicles? Safe for the environment, yes. Safe for the user, possibly not… Currently electric vehicles are making their way onto the market and replacing the need or demand for fossil fueled cars. Without the sounds of a combustable motor how will people in our surroundings know where we are?
It sounds a bit counter-intuitive, but one Toronto nonprofit is giving folks a chance to win almost a full tank of gas if they drive less.

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