The Green Wrap-up 8.April, 2013

A recent Deutsche Bank report concludes that solar power has now reached grid parity, meaning that it costs the same as electricity from the power grid, in Italy and India (where the government’s goal is 20GW of solar by 2022), and that by next year even more countries will reach parity.
Every month London spends £1 million cleaning up its sewers, which are clogged with a greasy mass of cooking oils. Now Thames Water and the utility company 20C have unveiled plans to use the gooey mess to produce energy at what is said to be the world’s largest fat-fueled power station.
  • GreenJoyment(Ally): I love stories of taking seemingly useless waste and turning it into much-needed energy!
The U.S. auto industry may have rebounded following the recession, but it turns out that overall, Americans are driving less – and have been since 2005.
A vast plain of poisonous green slime stretching to the horizon, bobbing gently on the waves — that was the view of Lake Erie from Cleveland just a couple years ago. It could become a permanent feature if humans don’t scramble to do something about it.
Environmental considerations aside, probably one of the most appealing things about driving an electric vehicle is that as soon as you press the ‘gas’ pedal, the instant torque leading to peppy acceleration is accompanied by… near silence…Understandably, such silent operation is seen as a potential risk to the blind, who may not be able to hear an approaching EV.
Know how on Friday Fisker fired 75% of its workforce without any prior warning and no severance package? Turns out you can’t do that in the state of California. Fisker Automotive now faces a Federal lawsuit seeking 60 days wages for all the affected employees.

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