The Green Wrap-up 8.January, 2013

Researchers at the University of California, Davis, have engineered blue-green algae that could help replace fossil fuels as raw materials for the chemical industry. The researchers engineered algae, or cyanobacteria, can be used to convert carbon dioxide into a chemical used to make paint, solvents, plastics and fuels.
New cars sold in the US had a record-high fleetwide fuel economy, up about 14 percent over the past four years, the Detroit Bureau reports, citing the University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute (UMTRI).
Most hybrid and electric cars don’t combust fuel at slow speeds, which makes them virtually silent. It’s a peaceful way to travel, but the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration fears that these vehicles may be too quiet for pedestrians and cyclists to detect.
At 7:30 in the morning, I arrived at the airport on my way to the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. And as is my habit, I stopped to grab a magazine at the book shop. A magazine that would entirely change the way I approached this conference.
  • GreenJoyment(Ally): Whoa! This article certainly rings true for me, as I have been laptop shopping for what has become about 3 weeks now. Why has it taken me so long to choose a computer? There are so many choices and I’m afraid I’m going to choose the wrong one! And when you’re shelling out 700-1000 dollars for a computer, making the wrong choice seems scary and expensive. The “illusion of choice” has definitely been causing me some stress. This is a thoughtful article for any electronics shopper to check out!
Driven forward by Obama Administration actions on energy policy, the US is finally beginning to try to tap into and harness the tremendous clean and renewable energy of its offshore ocean winds and waters in earnest.
The result is unfolding before us: U.S. coal production is down 9 percent from 2011, according to preliminary numbers from the EIA. And coal folks are not particularly optimistic about next year either…

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