Tom’s of Maine Winners are IN!

And the Tom’s of Maine Contest winners are in!

There were two gift cards available in this contest.  All you had to do was comment.

Over 500 people visited that page in the past week.

Know how many people commented?


This means your chances of winning a $50 or $100 gift card from GreenJoyment and Tom’s of Maine were better than 1 in 8.

It definitely goes to show you that success in life is at least 90% just about showing up. was used to calculate the winners.

Congratulations to:

  • Commenter: Nancy – you get a $50 GIFT CARD
  • and
  • Commenter: Mari – you get a $100 GIFT CARD!

If you haven’t emailed me or the person from Tom’s of Maine back yet to claim your prize, please do so.  We’d like to get you your gift card!

Thank-you to the 15 of you who commented, the 500 of you who have read so far, and everyone who’s reading this now.

Most of all, thanks to Tom’s of Maine for partnering with us on this contest, for producing awesome products, and for making the planet a better place for everyone!


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