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In this video Jonathan explains great ways to improve your tomato plant growing. In an earlier video he actually shows you how to plant a tomato or pepper plant in an old milk jug, but in this one, he shows you the delicious product! This is a great idea if you have limited gardening space, and it really does work!

Growing Tomatoes in Old Milk Jugs (1-1/2 months later)
Hey, this is Jonathan Kraft with GreenJoyment.com and about a month and a half ago we made a video to show you how to make your own tomato planters using old milk jugs.
Well, I wanted to do an update on that video because it’s been about a month and a half and we now have tomatoes actually growing! So I’m going to show you those and then I’m going to come back with some of the things that we’ve learned in this process. But I want to show you the tomatoes first because we finally got some red tomatoes about a month and a half after we planted them.
So, if you’ll take a look, here are our three tomato plants – well, we’ve got two tomato plants and one pepper plant here and then we’ve got our other tomato plant down here. If you look up here though, you can see we’ve got three tomatoes already turning red. It’s the middle of July at this point – sort of towards the end of July actually and a couple of other tomatoes there – they all look really good. Definitely looking forward to having those! So you can see those there.
And then on this other plant, these tomatoes are just starting to come out here a little bit and we’ve got quite a few tomatoes on this plant as well – just ready to eaten when they get bigger.
Then on our pepper plant here we actually have one pepper growing; it’s getting bigger and taking some time to grow here. But definitely they’ll grow right out of the milk jugs! So that’s really good to know. Here’s one that actually fell in the middle of the night and we’re fortunate that it fell onto the patio as opposed to falling down into our neighbor’s patio, but this one has some tomatoes that are definitely going to get bigger.
Anyway, we’re just kind of excited about being able to grow these tomatoes right out of these old plastic milk jugs!
So, I just want to share with you a couple of lessons of things that we’ve learned in the process.
If you take your old coffee grounds – if you drink coffee, I don’t; but Carrie drinks coffee and so we took the coffee grounds and we would just put them right into the top of the milk jugs and it actually helps the tomatoes to grow with the caffeine in there and also just having the organic material of the coffee actually helps the tomatoes to grow.
One of the things we’ve learned though is that the tomatoes kind of get small, smaller than they would and you have a smaller production because the actual size of the milk jug is smaller than what they would have normally. So what we would recommend if you do this in the future, if you watch our previous video and watch this one, is use a five-gallon jug and drill a hole in the bottom of the five-gallon jug/five-gallon bucket from painting or that kind of thing if you can find an old plastic bucket. Just make sure you secure that really well when you make it, but that will give you a better yield basically from your tomato plants because it will have more room to grow. You’ll have to put more water into it too of course. But that will help a lot.
The other thing we’ve noticed is that as you’re watering them, they start to find pathways right out of the dirt; so you kind of have to tilt the planters as you’re watering them so that the water soaks into the soil. So if you tilt the planter kind of to the side as you’re watering it without dumping the water back out of the top and then you want to make sure that the soil really gets saturated which helps the plants to grow the tomatoes … and the pepper.
Thank you so much for taking the time to watch the video, just wanted to do this follow-up here and we are looking forward to eating some yummy tomatoes.
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