What are SOPA/PIPA, and Why Should You Care?

If you haven’t heard about SOPA/PIPA, please get educated on this very imporant issue.

If you feel that they are bills which should be thrown out, please contact your congress person or, at the very least, send your senator/congress person an email.

Learn more here: http://www.craigslist.org/about/SOPA


  1. nolegalfiction

    This is about fascism, using trumped up terrorist threats to justify locking down the planet. Who are the terrorists ? Why it’s your own defacto unlawful sham fiat mafia shills elected in staged elections under fraudulent circumstances..the entire system of politics is fraudulent..a game played with tax victims to give a semblance of control in an out of control anarchist ruled corporate globalist fascist regime who financially buy your elected phoney leaders. How can this be ? It is because the tax victim is completely stupid by design..hoopla.. big money illusions, created productions.. using allegedly opposing ideologies to complete the picture, keep you arguing sham politics while they, the corporate fascists rape you in every way even physically, in prisons..for starters..if you dare to speak out against abusers of power stolen in 1931..staged bankruptcies.. then new currencies and confiscated gold and silver, properties or your lives etc..freedom the least of the victims..the one world under Disneyland at work always. They are dangerously vicious in their methods and do murder anyone who tries to stop them..however few and far between they are.. they get whacked..think Kenne dies..his conscience got him killed. Well that is the price of freedom..valiant death so others may be free.
    Americans and other peoples of other countries are all dumbed down..drunk on excess by their impoverished standards..justs getting by..the whole story, the facts are here..
    and USA is covered too..see just how evil, insane and greedy these so called elites are, anything but the elite they are scum of the earth and have robbed the people of everything that is ours..we are sovereigns..enslaved.. we are very rich people being extorted under a system of laws that are actually worthless as the politicians words who pass them..either wake up or commit suicide..you the brain dead tax victims are holding those who do know the facts down with you.. your ignorance is killing the planet and 5.5 billion suckers will die because you are too stupid and lazy to learn..stop whining and start winning.. detaxcanada.org ..your freedom depends on all of us stepping up to power and corruption..if neccessary kill the bastards they are fascist criminals..cause they are planning to kill us..simply put.. a life or death proposition..one statute and act at a time..stop them.
    Our internet has lifted many out of delusional thinking..when do you join the freedom fighters too ?
    Treason is punishable by hanging or firing squad..
    America and other colonies are filthy with traitors in government, you are a colony of the Vatican corporate regime..follow the money..or die with them.
    No consent.. no rulers..stop consenting to be robbed, imprisoned and oppressed by IRS..theyhave no real power but threats, fraud, coercion.. the very things that void their pat little legal extertion scams called justice..unlawful and time to be torn down.
    You have all the power under law..not the shills and fat cat bastards you elect for nothing..corporate fascists rule them..own them.. and you.. step up patriots before it is too late..regain your country and pride..break the spell of belief in liars, shams and illusions..FEMA CAMPS gearingup npow for themain event..a holocaust..Israel is a weapon against you all..fiat money mafia need to be stopped..the UN< WHO< IRS< FED< Et Al..gotta go..now get to it.

    • Going Green

      If you want to tear all of these organizations down (UN, WHO, IRS, FED, et al.) who/what do you propose to re-build instead?

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