It’s Time to Garden!

I know you’ve all heard it a dozen hundred times: eat your fruits and vegetables, and we all know this to be the true, healthy way to live. But it really does make an impact on your diet and your lifestyle.
The hardest part I find to keeping up with my daily doses of green is that there isn’t a lot of it in my house. I run around so much that grocery store runs become less frequent. One way to solve this? Grow your own garden.

No Impact Man: Movie, Book, Lifestyle

His family and he didn’t use electricity, fuel consuming vehicles, or individually packaged, processed, or out-of-season food. They were zero-waste, which includes not buying anything but food and eating everything they buy. Sound drastic? It is, but it was also an incredible journey that enriched their lives. Watch the trailer to see for yourself. No Impact Man wants to reshape the way we see “necessity” and reshape our lives as healthier, happier people.