Are Horizontally Aligned Wind Turbines the Future of Wind Energy?

Rising energy costs are causing issues across the board. Because we live on a planet where everything depends on oil, when the cost of oil goes up, the cost of everything goes up. But because of advancements in technologies like horizontally aligned wind turbines, there is hope for a brighter energy future.

Building “Green” From the Renovations Perspective

Turn It Green If you’re building a house or renovating. Newly constructed homes can take advantage of being eco-friendly from the ground up, but even renovation projects can be built using sustainable, recycled, durable materials. Many of these materials are are energy and water efficient, and they can create healthy indoor environments. Even if you … [Read more…]

Questions About Solar Installation

John sent GreenJoyment an email and asked the question below.  If you can help John answer his question, please post a comment in the notes below. Thank-you! GreenJoyment Name: john Subject: 12volt batteries in a series. Message: I’m planning on making some solar panels, with a charge controller and four 12 volt deep cycle batteries … [Read more…]

Chemically-free AND Clean

Environmentalists around the world can finally breathe a sigh of relief as the trend for cleaning products in our home moves towards becoming as chemical-free as possible. Bleach and other harsh floor-cleaning chemicals are being replaced with steam mops – doing the same job as a mop and bucket of chemically-induced dirty water without the … [Read more…]

It’s the Little Things That Make a Big Difference

Recently I finished a big adventure. One that took me the entire length of New Zealand. Walking. I had decided to walk Te Araroa Trail (Cape Reinga to Bluff, 3000km) with a friend because I not only wanted to experience all the beautiful South Pacific country had to offer, but I wanted to see it … [Read more…]