Daily Green Wrap-up 30.August, 2012

The Beautiful Bamboo Forest of Kyoto Chlorophyll shadows and the soft whispering sway of bamboo trunks characterize the Arashiyama bamboo forest outside Kyoto, Japan. This beautiful grove is both peaceful and naturally aesthetic. Bamboo, an exotic, giant grass, is a rich and fascinating part of Japanese culture and has huge potential as a green resource. … [Read more…]

Daily Green Wrap-up 29, August. 2012

Four UK Wave and Tidal Companies Compete For Scotland’s £10m Saltire Prize With some of the strongest tidal currents and most powerful waves in the world just off the coast, it is no wonder that Scotland is looking to develop wave and tidal power. As such, two tidal energy and two wave power developers are … [Read more…]

Daily Green Wrap-up 28.August, 2012

Study Shows Beautiful Buildings Outperform Other Green Buildings by 4 Times According to a new study, beauty and sustainable building make for the most potent combination of high performance. The Pattern Mapping Institute had a hunch that buildings which were considered aesthetically superior also had a better range of environmental attributes. So through a study … [Read more…]

Daily Green Wrap-up 26.August, 2012

Rooftop Garden Feeds Cafe Customers Below We’ve seen a supermarket growing produce on its roof in London, and Brooklyn looks set to be the home of some massive rooftop farms in the near future. But rooftop agriculture doesn’t need to be big, nor does it have to be high tech. Study finds Shanghai most susceptible … [Read more…]

Daily Green Wrap-up 25.August, 2012

GIVEAWAY: Win a Skip Hop Backpack Filled With Green School Supplies (Worth $135! The new school year is fast approaching, and if you’re looking for the perfect collection of green school supplies for one lucky kid, we’ve got the contest for you. Inhabitots has teamed up with a host of sustainable companies to put together … [Read more…]

Daily Green Wrap-up 24.August, 2012

What’s Behind the Great Dip in US Carbon Emissions? In the winter of 2012, carbon emissions belched forth by the world’s largest economy hit their lowest levels in 20 years. MIT highlighted the EIA study that bore the good news earlier this month, and it looks like the trend is likely to continue. FOOD WASTE: … [Read more…]

Solar Technology for On-The-Go

4 technologies that celebrate greener times ahead… There is quite a bit of talk about solar power in the news lately. Of course, living on a planet that’s natural resources have been depleted by its inhabitants, it’s time to start thinking green if we expect the earth to survive. Solar power is produced by harnessing … [Read more…]

Daily Green Wrap-up 21.August, 2012

Starbucks To Recycle Coffee Grounds Into Bio-Plastics Starbucks is working with biorefinery scientists to turn its used coffee grounds and bakery food waste into bioplastics, laundry detergents and other everyday products. Scientists have completed a successful laboratory testing of the new biorefinery process, according to Carol S. K. Lin, who led the research team and … [Read more…]