What You Can’t Eat Can’t Hurt You

There is no getting around that humans have evolved with meat consumption as a way of life.  To our hunter-gatherer ancestors, meat had quantities of protein, fats, and calories that were hard to find elsewhere, and with no regularity in meals, getting as much of these nutrients as you could in one sitting was inexorably … [Read more…]

Green Fundraising Opportunities: Coffee Fundraising Is Something to Think About

———————- It’s time to think about fundraising already?  Have you thought about fundraising with coffee?  If you know a coach, a teacher, or a school principal, and you would like to help their school make a good choice about green fundraising, you might want to forward this along to them. ———————- Since it’s toward the … [Read more…]

The Barbeque

Although it is becoming increasingly common to find vegetarian options for most styles of cooking, for some reason when people think about grilling their mind goes straight to meat.  But vegetarians don’t have to sit out the neighborhood barbeque – in fact, grilling is easy, accessible, and remarkably versatile.  The easiest crossover is firm or … [Read more…]

The Meat Muddle

What are the true environmental costs of mass-meat production? The answer is a lot more than you think!

Lasagna for Everyone

Lasagna for Everyone by: Jessica Rooney Nothing impresses a crowd like homemade lasagna. Perhaps it’s the easily visible layers, which allow people to see the process of cooking; maybe it’s the picture-perfect golden sheen of the top cheese layer; it might even be the invocation of their mother’s sister’s husband’s daughter-in-law’s mythical recipe. But, no … [Read more…]

A Monstrous Vegetable Nightmare

How can asparagus juice turn you into a vegetarian? Well, if it won’t, it will scar you for life. Read about one woman’s adventure in going veg here.