Eco-Controversies: Hybrid Cars

“Hybrids are sexy and make a statement, but require no real sacrifice. Sure, they cost more per mile to run than an economy car because people pay more for them up front. But so do Hummers. People buy hybrids because they’re upscale and make a very public statement about being eco-friendly, just as Hummer owners make their own statement to the tree huggers” (Mitchell, 2007).

Green Fundraising Opportunities: Coffee Fundraising Is Something to Think About

———————- It’s time to think about fundraising already?  Have you thought about fundraising with coffee?  If you know a coach, a teacher, or a school principal, and you would like to help their school make a good choice about green fundraising, you might want to forward this along to them. ———————- Since it’s toward the … [Read more…]