It’s Time to Garden!

I know you’ve all heard it a dozen hundred times: eat your fruits and vegetables, and we all know this to be the true, healthy way to live. But it really does make an impact on your diet and your lifestyle.
The hardest part I find to keeping up with my daily doses of green is that there isn’t a lot of it in my house. I run around so much that grocery store runs become less frequent. One way to solve this? Grow your own garden.

I’m being serious here, gardening is becoming a huge trend. Just look at the Obamas.

A garden is one of the best ways to monitor what goes in and on your plants, and will give much relief to your wallet. It’s possible to spend barely any money on your garden. Not only that, but you only have to grow what you eat. That includes herbs like basil and rosemary (I don’t know about you, but fresh herbs in your pasta makes a large, tasty difference than the dried ones you can buy at the store in little glass containers). It also saves waste on bags, boxes, and tubes that a normal grocery store has to use, and that’s just to get it from them to you.
Did I mention the sunshine and exercise?
You don’t need to have a yard either. For those living in apartments with balconies or any outlet of sunshine. Grow your plants in pots or jars, or, if you are feeling as cool as Jonathan, go all the way, and grow your tomatoes in empty milk jugs.
What’s also great that’s easy to do at home, is make your own jelly, jam, pickled veggies, or dried fruit. It’s great way to save the excess food you grow.
You can make jellies without pectin, visit JellyJamRecipes for jellies, jams, and marmalade ideas, pickle all those vegetables, and dry them somewhere for a great addition to that hiking trail-mix.

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