Government Rebates in Australia

Just came across this blog.  It’s a family going green in Australia. They’ve got a great directory of the green energy rebates available from the government in Australia on this page: Energy Efficient Homes Package The Australian Government recently announced the new Energy Efficient Homes Package. Under this program you can get: * free … [Read more…]

Green Changes for the 2022 Olympic Winter Games

Green Changes for the 2022 Olympic Winter Games By looking to capture the bid for the 2022 Olympic Games, the United States Olympic Committee USOC is not only looking to further the athletic accomplishments but to make substantial environmental changes to the Winter Games. Their effort to make the event more green began with naming … [Read more…]

All Day Solar talks about Third Generation Solar

From: Technology Explanation – Simplified (Think of “All Day Solar for Dummies”) Special Note: By request, this opinionated solar primer assumes the reader has little prior knowledge of photovoltaics. We advise readers to try this explanation of the technology instead of spending their more valuable Internet surfing time locating and dusting off their old … [Read more…]