How Green is Your Laundry Room?

That’s right; your laundry room is yet another room in your home that would benefit from a green makeover. Think about it, a typical laundry room is usually home to two of the biggest energy-consuming appliances around—the washer and dryer. Moreover, if you are maintaining a family, the rate at which you do laundry dramatically … [Read more…]

Greener World: Belize

With only a fraction of the country’s budget going to marketing, many people may find it difficult to even know where the country is located, much less what it has to offer. Other than more tropical beaches and palm trees, what does Belize have to offer? After doing a bit of research, the best I could come up with was some sort of publicity stunt to get people to travel to Belize to see the Mayan ruins. Something to do with the end of the world being upon us at the close of 2012. What happened to going green?

Daily Green Wrap-Up 26.April, 2012

Solar power to the rescue: life, water after disasters After five years of R&D, San Francisco start-up Green Horizon has begun shipping a portable, self-sufficient emergency response system called the CSU (Central Service Unit). The CSU operates without any supporting infrastructure, providing communications, water, and power. Electric Vehicles: Are They Too Silent To Be Safe? … [Read more…]

Daily Green Wrap-Up 25.April, 2012

US air pollution hits 10-year low, report finds The air quality in the US is at its highest level in a decade, according to a new report released by the American Lung Association (ALA) Wednesday. The nonprofit organization credits the trend to tougher environmental standards set for smog and soot in the air. 8 Reclaimed … [Read more…]

Daily Green Wrap-Up 22.April, 2012

HAPPY EARTH DAY! What Are You Doing for Earth Day 2012? Here at Inhabitat we like to treat every day like Earth Day – but that doesn’t mean we’re not going to give Mother Earth a little extra attention on April 22nd. The Inhabitat editors and contributors are celebrating Earth Day in a multitude of … [Read more…]

Greener World: Belgium

I am sure most people (like myself) think of fine chocolates and waffles when thinking of Belgium. The people are nice and the scenery much nicer, but I can’t say a highly competitive green-tech competition comes to mind. Regardless, that is what is occurring in Belgium right now. The CleanTech Challenge of 2012 has set off to inspire younger generations of highly intelligent people to get involved with changing our world for the better. For the greener. Of course, it is all for the main event

Greener World: Belarus

When talking about a country’s stance on being environmentally friendly, it is interesting to note how each country appears to tackle the same problem very different ways. Belarus, for example, is a country surrounded by Russia, Poland and the Ukraine has been slower than its neighbors in adopting an environmental stance to deal with its … [Read more…]

Greener World: Barbados

Barbados has always been a popular destination worldwide. Tucked in the heart of the Caribbean, this tropical island has been the go-to place for Honeymooners, families and people set to just “get away from it all.” And what’s not to like? With warm breezes rustling the palm leaves up above as the sandy beaches beckon anyone who is near, it is easy to see how many travelers have fallen in love with such a country.

How To Make Your Own Window Cleaner And Baby Wipes: Green

(Photo by elycefeliz) With sheer surfaces like mirrors and glass, they’re only as attractive as we keep them. The downside of transparent material like glass is its propensity for gathering handprints, grease, and dust. Fortunately, they’re easy to keep clean, and there’s no reason to go with potentially toxic cleaning products. These recipes require only … [Read more…]

Keyboards Made From Bamboo?

This is kind of a cool idea… a post sent to me by iZen Bamboo Keyboards. Bamboo at Your Fingertips! There’s a new way to be eco-friendly with the iZen Bamboo Bluetooth keyboard. Made up of 92% renewable and recyclable materials, this keyboard uses less plastic than normal keyboards, so it won’t pile up in … [Read more…]