Notes from Tesla Week: An Electric Life

Tesla died on January 7, 1943. In his lifetime, he applied for over  800 different patents. Scientists continue to scour through his notes. The “Tesla bladeless disk turbine engine” that he designed, when made with modern materials, is proving to be among the most efficient motors ever made. Experiments conducted by Tesla using cryogenic liquids … [Read more…]

Tom’s of Maine Winners are IN!

And the Tom’s of Maine Contest winners are in! There were two gift cards available in this contest.  All you had to do was comment. Over 500 people visited that page in the past week. Know how many people commented? 15. This means your chances of winning a $50 or $100 gift card from GreenJoyment … [Read more…]

Tesla’s Wireless Electricity: What happened in Tesla’s Life?

———————— DIY Project teaches you how to build wireless electricity stations as Tesla wanted to: ———————— Tesla was an eccentric individual. He made (what seemed to many to be) crazy claims about what was possible. As is the case with many of history’s smartest minds, Tesla was initially highly regarded. However, by 3/4 of … [Read more…]

Nikola Tesla: Tesla Week on GreenJoyment

Tesla was a major player in the birth of commercial electricity. Tesla demonstrated how energy could be transferred wirelessly to power electronic devices as early as 1893. Create a system where intercontinental wireless transmission of industrial power would be possible.