Daily Green Wrap-Up 3.May, 2012

Ma Jun Takes on Technology, Apparel Industries and Chinese Government to Fight Factory Pollution Ma Jun won a Goldman Environmental Prize last month for his work to improve corporate environmental standards in China by increasing transparency and accountability in the manufacturing industry. The organization he founded, the Institute of Public and Environmental Affairs (IPE), created … [Read more…]

Greener World: Benin

Rather than simply focusing on a quick fix solution to providing electricity, Proinso has jumped at the opportunity to provide a more earth-friendly long-term solution to struggling communities. By using the sun, Proinso eliminates many of the issues associated with trying to get electricity to some of these communities. As great as this is, I am still left with the question as to why solar panels became such a priority for homeless youth. Are there no other issues that need dealing with prior to hooking up a few lightbulbs? Even still, though these youth are without a home – surely their lives are benefited through the eco-friendly solution of solar panels. Right?

Daily Green Wrap-Up 1.May, 2012

Short dorm memory: Can software stoke college kids to save power? Over a two-month period, 200,000 students from 100 schools around the United States saved 1.74 gigawatt-hours of electricity, avoiding 2.6 million pounds of CO2 emissions generating $157,925 in energy savings. That’s enough to power to take 151 U.S. homes off the grid for a … [Read more…]