Daily Green Wrap-Up 1.May, 2012

Over a two-month period, 200,000 students from 100 schools around the United States saved 1.74 gigawatt-hours of electricity, avoiding 2.6 million pounds of CO2 emissions generating $157,925 in energy savings. That’s enough to power to take 151 U.S. homes off the grid for a year. And they did it all in the hopes of winning the honor of being the greenest school.
Given the imperiled state of bee populations across the U.S. due to colony collapse disorder, which has wiped-out as much as 90 percent of the nation’s wild honeybees, Victoria chose not to call an exterminator. Instead, she called a bee-rescuer.
Today, America kicks off National Bike Month, our annual homage to two-wheeled travel. Here in Seattle, Grist’s hometown, every month can seem like bike month: Hearty souls ride in weather when full scuba gear is requisite. But today brought sunshine, and cyclists swarmed the streets, swerving through traffic, towing kiddie trailers through downtown rush hour, and generally acting like they owned the place.
The ELR will use a powertrain similar to the one in the Chevrolet Volt, though the ELR’s powertrain is expected to have a longer electric-only range than the current range of about 35 miles. ELR sales in Europe and China should follow the North American debut by about a year.
This is The Shoebox House in Santa Fe, New Mexico. It’s an award-winning design — Citation Award from the Santa Fe chapter of the AIA — that also captured LEED Platinum certification with 88 points, a phenomenal feat given some of the challenges. Architect and builder Gabe Brown, Praxis Design/Build, was able to put a 1,700 square foot home on a 2,300 square-foot L-shaped lot, while still giving the owner a separate art studio, a gallery-like living room, two bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a study.

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