A Billion Dollars Can Buy A Lot Of Energy

Numerous propositions are on the California ballot this year, but perhaps the one that’s garnered the most attention is Proposition 39. This is with good reason, as it’s rare to have a tax that will gather 1 billion dollars annually from nothing but large corporations, let alone ones that vow to apply 550 million of … [Read more…]

Daily Green Wrap-up 8.October, 2012

Fast Fungi Bricks: Mushroom Blocks Better than Concrete?! Most people pay attention to the part of the mushroom we see (and sometimes even eat) that grows above the ground – but what about the latticework of tendrils that intertwine inside the dirt from which they grow? EarthTalk: Climate Change and Extreme Weather Extreme weather does … [Read more…]

Daily Green Wrap-up 7.October, 2012

Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Electric Drive laps Ascari A philosophical question from your automotive enthusiast future: does a supercar need to make noise in order to be a supercar? The easy answer might be no. If they’re more powerful, do everything faster, attract the opposite sex, cost a gang of money and look better in orange … [Read more…]

Daily Green Wrap-up 6.October, 2012

OnStar EcoHub app tracks price of electricity used to charge Chevy Volt The climbing price placards being hung at the neighborhood gas station aren’t making too many people happy. Now, drivers of some Chevrolet Volt extended-range electric vehicles are getting their own version of those signs, and it’s likely they’re actually happy about it, by … [Read more…]

Daily Green Wrap-up 3.October, 2012

Democrats, Independents Begin Driving the Climate Wedge A recent Yale study revealed that 8 out of 10 undecided likely voters believe in climate change; and 62% say that a candidate’s position on the topic could influence their vote. As such, there’s a pretty compelling reason for candidates hoping to appeal to moderate Democratic and independent … [Read more…]

Daily Green Wrap-up 2.October, 2012

Repair Still Rules in India. Can America Bring It Back? In Kottayam, a spice trading city in the southwest state of Kerala, India, summer means rain—and lots of it, averaging 2.7 meters of the wet stuff each year. From June through September, monsoon waters cool down sweaty bicyclists, and the winds wreak havoc on foot … [Read more…]

Daily Green Wrap-up 1.October, 2012

Mecca to Become First Solar City in Saudi Arabia Mecca, the birthplace of Muhammad, and Islam’s holiest city, has plans to become the first city in Saudi Arabia to run completely on solar power. Warren Buffet Buys Two Wind Farms A subsidiary of Buffet’s Berkshire Hathaway just bought up two giant California wind farms. So … [Read more…]