3 Benefits of Going Green in Your Business

Many businesses have probably heard about the benefits of going green.

However, it’s becoming clear that many businesses are unaware of what it means to green their business.

Across industries, there are many common ways to become more green in business practices.

Soing so can be extremely beneficial for the environment and your business as well.

The following are just three benefits of going green in business, all of which make a good case for taking this route and putting effort into changing the way you approach making your business more green.

Green your business practices!

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Going Green Brings In New Clients and Customers

One of the major reasons why a company should consider taking the “green” route is because it can help to bring in new clients and customers. With an increasing number of people who identify with the concept of green living, it should come as no surprise that consumers are embracing huge changes in the way businesses approach industry. Clients want to know that you’re doing everything that you can to help the environment. By making this clear, you can stand to actually make more money with your business than you might be able to otherwise.


Going Green Saves Money in the Long Run

Saving money isn’t always easy in business. By thinking of greening your business, however, you can expect to save a great deal of money over time. This is particularly true when it comes to saving money on your utilities. For example, LED Light Bulbs and energy-efficient heating systems utilize far less energy than the alternatives.

Also, consider investing in a grid-tie solar system. Grid-tie systems are hooked directly to the utility company and can help you efficiently turn solar power into energy to meet the energy needs of your business. Solutions like these can help to save hundreds, (if not thousands!) of dollars per year depending upon the size of your business.

Go Paperless

The internet has made billing and payment options seamless (and ream-less… haha!) without having to use large quantities of paper. The environmental impact of the paper industry encompasses serious concerns like deforestation and pollution related to paper manufacturing and shipping. Keeping electronic records rather than paper on file can also cut down on clutter and help you to get organized. Just make sure you back all of your information up regularly in case of a crash.

Going paperless can also save you money on buying reams of paper, as well as on printer costs, ink cartridges and toner. If you absolutely need to print materials for marketing or packaging, choose recycled paper.

Here are a few other examples of ways to save money and practice earth-friendliness in business:

  • Turn off computers and power strips
  • Turn off lights in rooms that are not used and/or install motion detector switches
  • Whenever possible, use both sides of the paper when printing.
  • Only print what absolutely must be printed.
  • Purchase your office supplies (paper especially) from a vendor selling materials that are made from recyclables
  • Use silverware and plates (real ones) in the office.  Plastic silverware is a luxury and silly to use when your office probably has a sink and soap.
  • Use telecommuting as an alernative to travel whenever possible
  • Let employees work from home (if feasible)
  • Use healthy (maybe homemade) cleaning products in the office.  Your cleaning crew will likely appreciate it too.

While it’s true that implementing these kinds of changes into your business can be costly at first, the end result is more than worth it.

Eventually, if this is done right, the installation costs will pay for themselves.


Going Green Is Trendy

Businesses need to do everything possible to remain as trendy as they can. The “green” trend is huge right now.

By jumping on board, you can help to ensure that you get noticed.

Going green proves to clients and customers that you care about not only the environment, but the future of your company as well.

It doesn’t have to be difficult to go green, so long as you have a solid idea of which route to take, you can expect greening your business to be simple and cost-effective.

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